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Do you have a Water Concession Title?

Compensate your investment against the rights that you pay.

Federal Law of Rights

Provisions Applicable in Matters of National Waters 2015

Article 224-A.- The taxpayers of the rights referred to in this Chapter, when submitting their declarations, may deduct from the payment of the respective duty the following amounts:

1.- The verified cost of the measuring devices and the expenses of its installation that take place from 1998. Not including the quantities that are also charged to the acquirer for other contributions, to calculate the volume of exploited or used water, in the terms of this Law.

In order to make this reduction effective, taxpayers must submit to the offices of the National Water Commission, for verification and sealing, the original purchase invoice of the meter and its installation, which must meet the tax requirements referred to in article 29-A Fiscal Code of the Federation.

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